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  PulseBox NxtG

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PulseBox NxtG
PulseBox NxtG
€199 HT
€199 TTC
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PulseBox NxtG
€199 HT
€199 TTC

- Highly integrated CNC device with USB interface
- High performance ARM Risc 32 bits processor
- USB powered
- Up to 4 axes, with fast interpolation on 2, 3 or 4 axes simultaneously
- Advanced kinematics possibilities
- 100 KHz maximum output frequency (312 mm/s with 5 mm screw and 1600 microsteps/rev (1/8 microstep))
- Look-ahead buffer (almost 400 vectors)
- High transmission rate (Real USB), more than 4000 vectors / second
- Freely assignable clock/direction signals on the D0-D7 pins of the DB25 connector
- 1 freely assignable PWM output
- 5 inputs / 4 outputs on the DB25 connector
- Extra 3 inputs / 4 outputs on the extension connector
- Compatible with GALAAD
- Works with ALL the machines designed for LPT port.
- Predefined models : BZT / Step 3N, CNC3AX, Hobby CNC Pro, Isel / PSD 305, Micrelec / UPA, Optimum / BF20, Proxxon MF70 / Usovo, StepFour, StepMasterNC / SOP1, Systrium / Motion3AX, CNC-Shop / 3020 to 6090, and many more ....

Advantages of the PulseBox :

  • Leading-edge technology CNC device in a very small box. Contains the same high-performance firmware as the Pulsar.
  • 4 layers PCB
  • All pins are ESD proctected
  • All signals (Clock, Direction, PWM, I/Os) are freely assignable to the DB25 pins from the application software
  • Compatible with all existing power cards that can be driven from a parallel port
  • Very simple and efficient solution to renew your old-fashioned machine that require parallel port driving
  • High level of performance due to its powerful interpolator (4 axes simultaneously), its frequency (100 KHz) and its wide buffer (400 vectors)
  • Compatible with Galaad, the professional CAC/CAM/CNC solution
  • Attractive price

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Ce produit a été ajouté à notre catalogue le mardi 25 octobre 2011.
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